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All about the Safer Drivers Course

Kashish Christian

At The Academy of Road Safety, we provide Driving Instructors with the opportunity to undergo the necessary training required to conduct Safer Drivers Courses. This is an excellent means of conducting a program that will not only help provide valuable road safety skills to learns, but also enables instructors to add to their weekly income.

What is the Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course aims to increase driver awareness and teach learner drivers how to reduce road risks by developing safe driving behaviour. It consists of two modules over 5 hours; a theory component and a practical with the 5 hours adding 20 Log book hours for the learners.

Module 1 is the theory aspect, which is conducted as a 3-hour interactive workshop for up to 12 students on how to identify and manage risks while driving. Module 2 consists of a practical in-car demonstration for two hours, limited to two students at any given time slot. It affirms the concepts learned in Module 1 by showing the practical use of low risk driving strategies by an experienced RMS accredited Driving Instructor.

What can the Safer Drivers Course Training mean for you?

A couple of hours on the weekend can increase your total earnings of the week significantly. As there can be up to 12 students who attend the course, it can be a great way to expand your clientele as an instructor. By interacting with the students on the day, it can mean additional driving lessons or test car packages. Often the students refer the Safer Driver Course instructor to their family and friends, which ultimately helps you build your hours.

Why train with Academy of Road Safety?

Here at the Academy of Road Safety, we have a wonderful team of trainers that are committed to providing the best training possible to help instructors take the next step and be able to conduct Safer Drivers Courses. The driver education provided by our experienced trainers will allow instructors to not only expand their skillset and certifications, but also consolidate their understanding of road rules and driver safety. Through the Academy’s training program, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and practical experience to successfully conduct driver education courses such as the Safer Drivers Course.

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