TLI41221 to TLI41222 What You Need To Know!

By Maddison

Academy of Road Safety is a nationally recognised RTO (45119) in providing TLI41221 - Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction) and will soon be releasing TLI41222 - Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training, on completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion which helps you to attain an Instructors Licence meaning you are able to work as a driving instructor of an established organisation or begin your journey by starting your own driving school business.

You can read up about all of the information of the course we provide and the steps you need to take to become an instructor by heading over to our website: we have state specific information to help you learn about the eligibility and rules of each state. 

What is the new course?

Whilst TLI41221 consisted of 12 units and was specific to and only for Car Driving Instruction TLI41222 consists of 35 units and is used to obtain qualifications in car, bike and heavy vehicle. The way this works is you complete the 5 core units and then you undertake the elective units for the industry you wish to obtain the qualification e.g for car instruction you are then required to complete 7 elective units. 

Currently Academy of Road Safety only provides the course for car driving instruction. 

Please see the units below that Academy of Road Safety will be providing:

Core units (Units you need to complete)


Contribute To Assessment


Provide Work Skill Instruction


Follow Work Health and Safety Procedures


Work In a Socially Diverse Environment


Apply Customer Service Skills

Car Elective Units (Units you complete if you want to become a car driving instructor)

BSBINS309                  Maintain Business Records
TLIC0031                     Apply Low Risk Car Driving Behaviours
TLIC1051                     Operate Commercial Vehicle
TLIL2060                      Complete Induction to the Transport Industry
TLIL4009                      Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development
TLIM0008                     Conduct Car Driver Training

TLIM0016                  Develop Low Risk Car Driving Behaviours In Others 

Currently AORS provide the TLI41221 course and have helped hundreds of people to obtain their accreditation and become driving instructors. AORS will be releasing TLI41222 within the next month so keep your eyes open for our launch. 

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