TLI41218 to TLI41221 Change of Course

By Ronak

What to know about the new TLI41221 Certification.

Alysha Rodrigues

Are you looking to become a driving instructor?

Are you unsure what steps to take to earn the required certification?

Well, you've come to the right place...

The Academy of Road Safety (AORS) trains their students to receive their TLI41218- Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport- Car Driving Instruction). Attaining this certification will allow an individual to work and be employed as a Driving Instructor within the Transport and Logistics Industry. Taking that first step to becoming a driving instructor can be daunting however Academy of Road Safety make the process as easy as possible by giving their upmost support and assistance to help you. We provide specific information on each state that makes it simple to discover the rules and eligibility criteria in each state. At Academy of Road Safety we try our best to help you through each and every step so you never feel lost.

Currently AORS provide the TLI41218 course and have helped hundreds of people to obtain their accreditation and become driving instructors. AORS will be releasing TLI41221 which is an updated course shortly.

What does this new course offer?

The new course is exactly the same consisting of 12 units, however 3 of the units have recently been updated with new information

Below you can see the updated topics as well as the new names of the units


Old unit

New unit

1.   Apply customer service skills



2.   Follow work health and safety procedures



3.   Maintain business records




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