Here’s why YOU should become a driving instructor!

By Ronak

Becoming a driving instructor means that you have flexibility as well as a challenge. If you love time behind the wheel, interacting with people and being your own boss, then this career is for you!

Being a driving instructor is extremely rewarding. You are able to play a part in making someone’s life better because through driving, they gain independence and the opportunity to expand their horizons.

But why? Why would anyone want to spend their days teaching (sometimes) arrogant teenagers how to drive? Well, firstly it’s not only teenagers. There will be adults who haven’t had the time to invest into getting their licence, new arrivals to the country or people who need to upgrade their licence for work. But if you need further convincing here you go…

1. There is a constant demand

In every country and every state – as long as there are cars on the road – there will always be a need for driving instructors. It’s endless! Every day a teenager somewhere just hit the legal age requirement for driving and will need lessons. Getting one’s drivers licence is seen as a rite of passage into adulthood, so you can choose to be as busy as you want to be. The people will always be there

2. You can sit all day

Not everyone would enjoy this part, but if the thought of highly active, physical labor type jobs makes you cringe, then being a driving instructor is for you! Most of your days are spent sitting, passing on your wisdom. So purchase a comfy seat cover and settle in.

3. You get to meet new people

Ironically, whilst you are seated in one place all day, you have the chance to travel around seeing awesome new places and meeting interesting people. They come to you! Every one of your students will bring their unique personality into the car and maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know.

4. You make the world a better place

Let’s be honest – there are a lot of bad drivers out there! As an instructor, you are in a unique position to be able to reduce that number. One at a time, you have the opportunity to produce safe and confident drivers. Your attitude and perspective towards this responsibility you have can make all the difference in creating a safer and better future for road users.

5. Your car is a business expense

When it comes to tax, you can file business expenses on fuel, maintenance and even monthly payments you make towards your car. Now if that didn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will.

 Hear from some instructors at Onroad Driving School:

I love teaching people to drive and find one of my greatest skills is making my students feel relaxed and stress free during lessons. In addition, not all students learn at the same pace so all my lessons are tailored for the individual, this allows the student to progress along the learning journey without pressure, ultimately creating a competent and safe driver. I am a family man and this job provides me with the flexibility to spend time with them.” – George Slewo

“I love being a driving instructor because I am my own boss and I can choose my working days and time. As I have 2 little kids, I needed a job where I can choose my hours. This is the best job for a mother because she can choose, so she can easily maintain her kids’ routine and at the same time she can earn money too. The second reason why I love it is because I am helping people to learn driving so they can be more independent and can drive to work or friends place or can take their families on a trip without depending on anyone. It is a wonderful thing to know that all my students will remember me for their whole life because I trained them on how to drive. The third thing is that the money is great in this work. For a 1 hour lesson, people are paying you between  $55 to $65 so it is such a great income. And lastly I am a part of such a beautiful and award winning company who takes care of everyone and I am proud of it.” – Payal Patel

At Academy of Road Safety, we train you on how to teach and communicate well with your students. We also focus on how to manage and expand your business. You have the opportunity, once graduated, to become an instructor with Onroad Driving School.

Experience is not necessary when becoming a driving instructor with Onroad – as long as you are passionate about driving and teaching others. We show people how to run their own business with their backing, knowledge and experience. We give you a great opportunity to grow your business using our name and reputation.

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