Distractions While Driving

By Ronak

Distracted Driving


The number one reason that crashes occur is because the driver/s were distracted. It is so important to maintain focus on the road for the duration of the time a driver is sitting behind the wheel. There are various distractions that arise for many individuals when driving, some of which include:

  • Phone texts or calls 
  • Eating or drinking 
  • Dealing with children or pets

However there are some simple approaches that you can take to avoid being distracted whilst you are driving.

Planning Ahead

First and foremost, ensure you have planned well for the journey you are about to take. Prior to starting the drive, ensure if you have pets or children that they are secure in their seats and having something to keep them entertained. If you are going to be driving in an unknown route, familiarise yourself with the main route you’ll be taking and set up your voice GPS so you are not constantly looking at the maps or your phone for directions. Before you start the car, make sure all the mirrors, the seat and any other variables have been adjusted to your preference.

Don't touch your phone!

Maintain any music you are listening to at a reasonable level, so that it allows you to concentrate on the road. Creating a playlist before hand can reduce the need to skip songs, adjust volume or fiddle with any other buttons. It is also important to not pick up any phone calls when driving. We are fortunate with technology now a day that before you start the car, you can put your phone on ‘drive mode’. This means any phone calls or messages will be silenced, and an automatic reply will be sent out notifying the caller that you are currently driving and will reply once you reach your destination.

Avoid eating while driving

It can be tempting to eat or drink when you’re driving, but this diverts the eyes from the road and the hands from the steering wheel. Ensure you eat before you start driving or that you can wait to eat until you reach the destination. Try to purchase a water bottle that doesn’t require you to tilt your head, one with the straw allows you to keep your head straight and watch the road.

Ensure you are awake and alert

More than anything, ensure you are awake and well rested. A study proved that drivers are more likely to be distracted if they are feeling drowsy. This should be especially considered for longer drives where prolonged concentration would be required.

Unfortunately distractions are a large part of driving, there are so many aspects a driver must consider to avoid losing concentration. The tips listed above will drastically reduce chances of you being distracted. Most importantly, ensure you have prepared well for the journey as a driver and for any other passengers you may be carrying.  

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