Distance Education vs. Face to Face:

By Michelle

Distance Education vs. Face to Face.

Rebecca Saunders

When students undertake the TLI41218 - Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction), they will be given the option of either studying online or meeting for practical sessions in a mutually organised location.

Distance Education

The students that choose to study online will have the flexibility of working within their own pace from the comfort of their home or remotely from a place of their choice. The only essentials the students will need to get started are an adequate internet connection, a charging cable and access to their own PC; which will be managed in a relaxed setting with limited distractions.  

What is covered in the online course? 

In this course there are 12 theory modules that the students will obtain from the student portal, they will also receive a handbook to support the students in completion of the course which covers all topics in the unit and the students will also need to complete a written assessment which will be evaluated within 3-5 business days; during this time any feed back or help required will be offered.

Face to Face Education

The practical component of the course will be conducted with the aid of one of our Industry trained professionals in a convenient location and students will be able to gain an understanding as well as experience of what will be involved by observing, focussing and listening to any commentary or real world examples demonstrated to the students in group surroundings; which will give the students the opportunity for open discussion and Q & A.  

What is covered in the practical course? 

In this course students will be provided with specific guidelines and they will need to complete four practical assessments. The students will participate by being taken around routes and shown the environment that they are expected to be learning in , the students will ensure competency in driving and Instructing, as well as applying techniques such as the dual controls, parking, gear changes, steering, U turns, 3 point turns and of course driving etc.

There are advantages for both the theory and practical elements of this course but TLI41218 is mainly designed to assist the student in progressing from student to teacher as well as becoming certified for a rewarding career in the driving education Industry.

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