How extensive is your driver knowledge?

By Ronak

If the process of obtaining a drivers’ licence is designed to help ensure that individuals can drive properly, why are we still seeing thousands of people be killed or seriously injured on our roads and workplaces each year?

As humans, we tend to only focus on completing the minimum requirements, not because we do not want to increase our knowledge and expertise (while that may be true for some), but also because we really “don’t know what we don’t know”. They say, “ignorance is bliss”, and maybe that is why the need for programs such as the Defensive and Corporate Driver Training is not appreciated because how can you prepare for unexpected hazards, bad weather or other emergencies when you don’t even know they exist?
Along with not being aware of the different hazards that can arise on the roads, the term “safety training” often drives people away, with the belief that the program will be filled with boring theory that requires either watching a presentation or completing a worksheet. This is where the courses here, at The Academy of Road Safety are different to the others out there.

While our experienced trainers still cover the important theory, this is just a small part of the program with the focus being hands-on training on key topics such as the Crash Avoidance Space, the importance of Scanning and how Low-Risk Driving Strategies can be implemented to help ensure that the odds are stacked in your favour in keeping yourself, your loved ones, and the wider-community safe on the road.

The Academy’s senior trainer Ronak Shah strongly believes that by providing quality hands-on safety training, we can help make our roads a much safer place for everyone. He has been in the driver education industry for over 10 years and is extremely passionate about ensuring that driver education courses such as the Defensive and Corporate Driving Programs reach as many people as possible. For more information about his vision and experience in the Driver Education Industry, please refer to the attached document.

Our courses are suitable for individuals and groups of various sizes, and so if you would like to take a big step towards keeping your loved ones and the wider community safe on the roads, we’d love to hear from you.

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