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All about the Safer Drivers Course

Kashish Christian

At The Academy of Road Safety, we provide Driving Instructors with the opportunity to undergo the necessary training required to conduct Safer Drivers Courses. This is an excellent means of conducting a program that will not only help provide valuable road safety skills to learns, but also enables instructors to add to their weekly income.

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What precautions has The Academy of Road Safety taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Written by Ronak Shah

COVID-19 has affected more than 188 countries and territories globally since the outbreak in 2019 and is primarily transmitted through tiny droplets in the air produced by coughing sneezing, and talking.

In the past few months restrictions have eased and cases within Australia have dropped significantly, as the community have continued to do their part to help stop the spread.

We at the Academy of Road Safety consider the health and well being of our students and Driver Trainers to be our highest priority and have continued to do our part by ensuring preventative safety measures have been put in place.

The Theory component of our TLI41218 – Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics for Driving Instruction course is based online in the comfort of your own home and you only need to make sure you have an available network connection, how ever during the practical element of the course  (All of our drivers have been instructed to provide hand sanitiser, gloves and masks in their car, (subject to availability). Cleanliness within the car is an essential priority, our vehicles are cleaned after every lesson and we will always do our best to safe-guard everyone involved; reducing the risk to Students while the Coronavirus is still of concern.

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