Distance Education vs. Face to Face:

Written by Michelle Lowden

Distance Education vs. Face to Face.

Rebecca Saunders

When students undertake the TLI41218 - Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction), they will be given the option of either studying online or meeting for practical sessions in a mutually organised location.

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Academy of Road safety - TLI41218 course information.

Written by Lovleen Kaur

Looking to be your own boss? Why not become a driving instructor!

The Academy of Road safety is a registered training organisation delivering TLI41218 - Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction). We cater to people with all kinds of interests - whether you're looking to upskill, change careers or want more out of your current job - we have exactly what you need!

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Safety Features in Cars

Safety Features in Cars

Kashish Christian

With evolutionary technology easing all aspects of our lives, it comes to no surprise that the advancements in our cars have come so far – particularly over the last decade. These innovations have been established on increasing safety for the driver, passenger and other road users, and ease of life.

The beginning of an exponential rise in car technology began with cruise control, which is the ability for cars to maintain the designated speed. This has significantly improved safety on highways and motorways for those drivers who have a long journey. It has allowed drivers to feel more comfortable behind the wheel, and feel assured that the speed they are travelling is continually correct. The pressure of having to maintain a set speed for an elongated period of time, can induce discomfort or leg cramps.

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Distractions While Driving

Distracted Driving


The number one reason that crashes occur is because the driver/s were distracted. It is so important to maintain focus on the road for the duration of the time a driver is sitting behind the wheel. There are various distractions that arise for many individuals when driving, some of which include:

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How extensive is your driver knowledge?

Written by Kshitij Mehta

If the process of obtaining a drivers’ licence is designed to help ensure that individuals can drive properly, why are we still seeing thousands of people be killed or seriously injured on our roads and workplaces each year?

As humans, we tend to only focus on completing the minimum requirements, not because we do not want to increase our knowledge and expertise (while that may be true for some), but also because we really “don’t know what we don’t know”. They say, “ignorance is bliss”, and maybe that is why the need for programs such as the Defensive and Corporate Driver Training is not appreciated because how can you prepare for unexpected hazards, bad weather or other emergencies when you don’t even know they exist?
Along with not being aware of the different hazards that can arise on the roads, the term “safety training” often drives people away, with the belief that the program will be filled with boring theory that requires either watching a presentation or completing a worksheet. This is where the courses here, at The Academy of Road Safety are different to the others out there.

While our experienced trainers still cover the important theory, this is just a small part of the program with the focus being hands-on training on key topics such as the Crash Avoidance Space, the importance of Scanning and how Low-Risk Driving Strategies can be implemented to help ensure that the odds are stacked in your favour in keeping yourself, your loved ones, and the wider-community safe on the road.

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What are the benefits of enrolling in the Course?

Written by Ronak Shah

If you are interested in driving, teaching and learning, you will enjoy the benefits you receive from this course and feel a sense of accomplishment when you have completed it.

Enrolling in the TLI41218 – Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics course is achieved in a few simple steps and can be undertaken immediately. We at the Academy of Road Safety are a nation-wide provider and the course is presented in 12 core units. The theory element of the course will be delivered online which will enable the freedom for you to study at your own pace and have the flexibility to manage your own diary accordingly in the comfort of your own home, office; or even your local coffee shop etc. if you prefer. The practical element of the course will be conducted at a mutually organised place and at the time a venue will be arranged for you.

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Here’s why YOU should become a driving instructor!

Written by Ronak Shah

Becoming a driving instructor means that you have flexibility as well as a challenge. If you love time behind the wheel, interacting with people and being your own boss, then this career is for you!

Being a driving instructor is extremely rewarding. You are able to play a part in making someone’s life better because through driving, they gain independence and the opportunity to expand their horizons.

But why? Why would anyone want to spend their days teaching (sometimes) arrogant teenagers how to drive? Well, firstly it’s not only teenagers. There will be adults who haven’t had the time to invest into getting their licence, new arrivals to the country or people who need to upgrade their licence for work. But if you need further convincing here you go…

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Why the Driving Instructor Profession is good for a self employed person.

Written by Ronak Shah

If you’re passionate about driving and about teaching, then becoming a driving instructor can be very rewarding.

If you decide to open your own Driving School business, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with being your own boss.
You’ll be in charge of the way you choose to operate and market your business as well as manage your own prices , drive the vehicles of your choice, select your own team, choose the areas you wish to drive in and decide if you want to grow your business.

When you become a driving instructor your busiest times are during peak periods – in the early morning before people start work and after the local schools and businesses finish up for the day – but you will have the flexibility to work around your own schedule.
Choosing your own working hours can be ideal if you have other commitments, if you have a family and want to be available for the school pickup and drop off or take time off for important events such as school performances; you can manage the time yourself. Work when you want, take holidays when you need.

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