Safety Features in Cars

By Ronak

Safety Features in Cars

Kashish Christian

With evolutionary technology easing all aspects of our lives, it comes to no surprise that the advancements in our cars have come so far – particularly over the last decade. These innovations have been established on increasing safety for the driver, passenger and other road users, and ease of life.

The beginning of an exponential rise in car technology began with cruise control, which is the ability for cars to maintain the designated speed. This has significantly improved safety on highways and motorways for those drivers who have a long journey. It has allowed drivers to feel more comfortable behind the wheel, and feel assured that the speed they are travelling is continually correct. The pressure of having to maintain a set speed for an elongated period of time, can induce discomfort or leg cramps.

With technology playing a part to reduce human error, we must remind ourselves of the safety precautions we are responsible for as a driver. Regardless of your experience, the concept of safety should be frequently revisited. Experienced drivers at times can become complacent in their abilities as a driver and potentially disregard safety rules. Onroad Driving Education is currently providing a Driver Safety Course, aimed at all drivers regardless of their experience. During lockdown, use code “LOCKDOWN70” to receive 70% off! Valid until 28 September 2021. 

Does this look like you? You might need a safety refresher!

Bluetooth has proved to significantly reduce distraction on the road. Drivers are also able to turn their phone into driving mode, which enables an automated text reply to anyone who calls or texts during this time. With the Bluetooth feature, drivers are able to listen to their favourite music or podcast without hassle. Having their own choice of audio, drivers are less distracted and can focus on the road ahead without inducing fatigue.

The digitalisation of the dashboard and control panel have also been a welcome innovation. Cars are able to represent the speed, fuel levels, any indicators or lights that have been turned on more accurately. The control panel is easy to read and doesn’t require the driver to spend several seconds searching for the correct button. The screens now also offer a maps app, so the driver can see the navigation on a significantly larger screen than just their phone. All these aspects combine to considerably reduce driver distraction and promote an ease of life when in the car.

Reverse cameras have not only eased the complexity of parking, but also increased safety. Many incidents where property or objects are damaged due to the lack of access of the visuals behind the car. Pedestrians have also previously fallen prey to a reversing car. All of these scenarios can now be avoided with the cars that have the reverse cameras.

Safety is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of being a driver. Many of these inclusions are standard for the basic model of a car. Hence next time you are thinking of upgrading your car, consider what safety features will help you be a better driver. Don’t forget to check out the Driver Safety course linked above!

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