Road Rules - What to Know When Driving in Australia

By Maddison

Road Rules are a set of laws that are implemented by infrastructure and transport ministers, the road rules are reviewed and altered if necessary, every 2 years. The Australian Road rules are to be adhered to by all road users e.g Motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Road rules are implemented to ensure the safety of all road users. They help to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury or death. Road rules also there to help regulate traffic flow and ensure that everyone on the road is aware of what is expected of them. Without road rules, chaos would ensue, and accidents would be much more common. There are many different road rules that drivers need to be aware of some include:

  1. Speed limits
  2. Traffic signals
  3. Road signs
  4. Parking
  5. Overtaking
  6. Merging
  7. School Zones

Road Rule Offences and penalties

If you are caught committing an offence there are many penalties that apply for each road rule and vary depending on the severity of the offence sone penalties may include fines, demerit points, loss of drivers' licence and or learners permit, jail time ect. 

Road rules are not the same across all states of Australia, whilst many rules are similar there are some slight changes such as: In all states school zones are 40 kmph except SA is 25 kmph. So it is important if you are thinking of traveling to another state you do some research on the road rules put in place by the states ministers to avoid fines/demerit points and to keep the road safer whilst travelling.

It's important for drivers to be aware of the road rules specific to the state they are travelling in and to follow them at all times. This helps to keep everyone safe and reduces the risk of accidents. If you're unsure about any of the road rules, it's a good idea to take a refresher course or to read up on the latest information. Remember, road rules are there for a reason – to keep you and other road users safe. So always be aware of them and follow them at all times.

Academy of Road Safety

Academy of Road Safety is dedicated and passionate about making the roads a safer place for everyone, Academy of Road Safety is involved in many events to help educate drivers on the importance of road safety, we are a part of one of the biggest expos in Sydney NSW every year BStreetSmart. BSS aims to reduce fatalities and injuries on the road by teaching young drivers the importance of driving safely every time they get in the vehicle, this is done by promoting safer driving behaviours, teaching them of road rules and live re-enactments on the main stage. Academy of Road Safety partakes in this event every year and helps with running activities and promoting road safety. 

If you are passionate about road safety, you can enrol in our driving instructors' course to become an instructor and start implementing your own teaching strategies to help a learner become educated on road rules and safety. Help make the roads a safer place enrol today.

If you are already an instructor, we are also providers of the Safer Drivers Facilitator and Coach Courses if you undertake these courses you are eligible to become a facilitator and coach to teach young drivers road safety through the safer drivers course, click here to learn more.

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